• American Academy of Pediatrics ( A wealth of authoritative information on a broad range of pediatric topics, including health conditions, illness prevention, growth and development, parenting, safety, nutrition and advocacy.

  • National Institutes of Health ( A huge resource with many sections: - "A to Z Health Topics" - Medline Plus - a rich resource from the US National Library of Medicine that includes sections titled Health Topics, Drugs and Supplements, Medical Encyclopedia (with very good pictures and diagrams) and a Medical Dictionary. - Clinical Trials - Links to the various Institutes, including: NIMH - the National Institute of Mental Health NICHD - the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

  • Centers for Disease Control ( Another wide-ranging site including sections on diseases and conditions, emergency preparedness, environmental health, traveler's health and immunizations.

  • KidsHealth ( This health information site from the Nemours Foundation has special sections for kids, teens and parents.

  • Eat Smart. Play Hard. ( This site from the Food and Nutrition Service of the US Department of Agriculture also has a special section for kids.


  • Touchpoints: Birth to 3: Your Child's Emotional and Behavioral Development, T. Berry Brazelton and Joshua Sparrow. A unique, valuable primer in child development that is as sensitive to the role of parents as it is insightful about child development and behavior.
    [Link to book on Amazon]

  • Touchpoints: 3 to 6, T. Berry Brazelton and Joshua Sparrow. The sequel to the original Touchpoints.
    [Link to book on Amazon]

  • Your Child's Health, Barton Schmitt. A quick reference for a large variety of child care and child health issues, particularly helpful in sorting out quickly whether a medical symptom needs emergency care, less urgent medical evaluation, or home management only.
    [Link to the book on Amazon]

  • From the American Academy of Pediatrics:

    • Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5.

    • Caring for Your  School-Age Child: Ages5 to 12.

    • Caring for Your Adolescent: Ages 12 to 21.

    • ADHD: A Complete and Authoritative Guide. Guide to Your Child's Symptoms.
      [link to AAP Information]