mother with babyDr. Foye has an independent, solo pediatric practice that shares after hours and weekend coverage with a group of small pediatric practices that share his commitment to responsive, personal care in small office settings. At a time when much of medical care is moving to larger organizations, with fragmentation of care among many caregivers with varied training and experience, our model focuses on a medical home. Regular check-ups, and the great majority of illness visits are with your primary care pediatrician. This same pediatrician coordinates and reviews any specialty care your child may need. This minimizes the possibility of confusion, duplication and mistakes when one medical provider is unaware of what another provider is doing. The concept of a medical home, where you and your children are well known to the pediatrician and medical staff, is best provided in a small practice setting. In such a setting, an intimacy of knowledge and understanding of your particular circumstances, and a personal connection to you and your child, is made possible by repeated visits with the same pediatrician and a small number of staff.smiley girl The quality and efficiency of care is enhanced by this knowledge base and the personal relationships that develop over time. This is particularly important when families are experiencing stresses like illness, transitions or loss. It is worth adding that the relationships we form with our patients are a major reason why we enjoy what we do.